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Tree Kangaroo Conservation

Tree Kangaroo Conservation Program in Papua New Guinea
The Gladys Porter Zoo joins many other contributing organizations to support this dynamic project, which began in 1996 as a research study of the conservation status of the endangered Matschie's tree kangaroo and has evolved into a comprehensive community-based conservation program. The ultimate goal of the TKCP is the establishment of a 150,000-acre Wildlife Management Area to ensure the long-term sanctuary of several rare and endemic species, including the tree kangaroo and the long-beaked echidna.

An extension of the Tree Kangaroo Conservation Program is the Community Conservation Education in Papua New Guinea Villages Program. The initial education outreach focused on landowners, with project researchers providing landowners with information about tree kangaroos to encourage conservation of natural resources. The project's second phase of education outreach focuses on providing conservation-oriented education material to community schools located in the villages near the research site.

An important accomplishment of this program has been its effectiveness in involving local tribal people in the monitoring of the animals, and the study and protection of the forest.
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