During Kids Appreciation Day this year we are focusing on creatures that make South Texas their home themed activities, crafts and games. Some of the activities include:

Horned Lizard aka Horned Toad or Owl Mask - Kids can choose between the horned lizard and owl design to color and wear as a mask.

Build Our Thorn Forest - Prickly pear cactus are common in the thorn scrub. Use a stamp and green paint to help us build our thorn forest.

Rattlesnake Rattle - One of the most significant features of the rattlesnake is its rattle. At this booth kids can make their own rattle and learn why the rattlesnake needs it.

Spot the Cats – Did you know that nearly half of the species of wild cats are spotted? Spots help them blend into their habitat, making them harder to spot when sneaking up on prey. At this game, identify the spotted patten to win a prize.

Roadrunner Race - Roadrunners are known for their speed. At this booth kids can find out if they are as fast as a roadrunner by participating in a race for a prize.

Packrat Maze - Packrats build complex houses with several rooms to store food and debris. Each house is built of twigs, cactus and other found materials. Navigate through our packrat maze to win a prize.

Monster Mural – Kids always enjoy coloring. Our mural is 7.5 feet wide by 2 feet tall.