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During Kids Appreciation Day this year we are focusing on bugs and butterflies with bug themed activities, crafts and games.

Some of the activities include:

Grasshopper Races – Grasshoppers have an amazing ability to jump. A one
inch grasshopper can jump 20 inches. Test your jumping skill in our grasshopper

Dragonfly Craft – Dragonflies are mosquito eaters at this booth you can make a
dragonfly you can take on a “mosquito hunt.”

What bug made that sound? - Identify the bug that made that sound for a prize.

Spider Web Escape – Kids can navigate their way around obstacles in a spider
web for a prize.

Butterfly and Plant Matching Game - Help your child identify the butterflies and
plants to win a butterfly garden seed packet. You can find all the answers you
need in our Butterfly Garden adjacent to our Butterflies, Bugs & Blooms exhibit.

Monster Mural – Kids always enjoy coloring. Our mural is 7.5 feet wide by 2 feet