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The Gladys Porter Zoo today announced the results of their name search for the newest baby hippo. After a two-week voting period and almost 2400 votes from Valley residents as well as Gladys Porter Zoo fans around the nation, the baby girl hippo has been officially named Clementina. Clementina, which means mild or gentle, won with over 43 percent of the vote. Other names which were finalists included Plum, Violet, Kiboko and Yejide.

 It was a heated race for the official name, with the results changing daily. Although most of the votes came from Texas, there were ballots cast from as far as Alaska and Florida. Zoo staff members, docents and volunteers provided the initial suggestions for the names, which were narrowed down to five finalists. The final name was submitted by Claudia Jimenez, a keeper in Small World.

 The Gladys Porter Zoo welcomed the female baby pygmy hippo to the animal collection on January 24th. The baby hippo began its public appearances Friday, March 6th and is now available for viewing every day of the week. Baby Clementina is currently integrating into the group of four adult hippos that are in the public exhibit and is adjusting well.


 Meaning of Plum
Meaning: dark red fruit, red-purple color or very desirable

Meaning of Violet
Meaning: shade of the color purple, common name of the flowering plant viola

Origin and Meaning of Yejide
Origin: African
Meaning: Looks like her mother
Pronunciation: (yeh jee DEH)


Origin and Meaning of Kiboko
Origin: Swahili
Meaning: Hippopotamus

Meaning of Clementina
Meaning: mild, gentle