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International Giraffe Conservation
GPZ is providing valuable support to the International Giraffe Working Group (IGWG) a multi discipline group dedicated to preserving the evolutionary potential of all giraffe populations. Dr. Thomas deMaar, the zoo’s Senior Veterinarian, is a founding member, and present treasurer of the IGWG. GPZ acts as one of the financial ‘base camps” for IGWG projects.

IGWG activities include extensive genetic analysis of wild giraffe populations to resolve taxonomic uncertainties and determine levels of genetic diversity in wild populations. A giraffe census and DNA collection expedition was recently conducted in Zambia. Planning for addition expeditions to Botswana and Cameroon is underway. Two members of the IGWG attended a Population and Habitat Viability Assessment for the small remaining West African giraffe subspecies, Giraffa camelopardalis peralta, in Niger. A newsletter, Giraffa containing new giraffe information from around the world is being produced regularly and distributed to interested parties. To be added to the IGWG mailing list send a message to Julian.Fennessy@gmail.com

The IGWG has initiated the development of a dedicated website to support its activities but also as a ‘one-stop’ for information on giraffe conservation and management which we hope individuals, organizations and institutions will use, provide information to and link accordingly. Initial funding for the website has been provided by a private individual with matching support from the GPZ. More information will be posted when the website is up and running.

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