Birding in the Zoo

Many Zoo visitors are surprised to learn how many of the birds they see in the Zoo are not in our collection. The Zoo is not just a collection of animals. It is a sanctuary, where wild animals find refuge and often places to nest. Many birds are well aware that the Zoo is a place of safety, and there are often scraps of food to be had. In fact, the majority of un-caged birds you see in the Zoo on any given day are quite wild and can leave the Zoo any time they wish. In the Zoo, most birds have less fear of people than elsewhere, and many species nest here. And so the Gladys Porter Zoo is an excellent place for bird-watching. Take a look. All of these photos were taken at the Gladys Porter Zoo.


Ringed Kingfisher

Green Heron



Night Heron

Tricolored Heron


American Coot

White Ibis

Cedar Waxwings


Snowy Egret

Egret Nest

Whistling Duck

Red-crowned Parrot

Great Kiskadee

Little Blue Heron

Bring your binoculars!