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Help us and help the animals!

Gladys Porter Zoo invites you to help feed your favorite animal by participating in our exciting and rewarding Adopt-an-Animal program.

Thank you to those of you that have recently adopted animals. Check out our list of caring adoptive parents. ( 2013 Adoptive Parents and 2014 Adoptive Parents )

Your tax deductible contribution helps to defray the cost of feeding and caring for the hundreds of animals in our care. Whether your gift buys grain or grubs, monkey chow or marmoset diet, crickets or corn, you will play an important role in the day-to-day activities of the Gladys Porter Zoo and in the future of the world's wildlife.

Adoptions make great gifts as well!
Imagine the suprise of receiving a chimpanzee baby, a sun bear or even a hissing cockroach as your adoptive animal? Now, with our new and improved adoption procedures you can pick an "Adoption Level" and you are on your way to helping out.

It's Easy To Adopt-An -Animal!
Simply choose one of the categories listed below, select your animal from our list of adoptees and send us a completed application form along with your tax deductible donation.

Adoption Levels
$25 Each donor will receive an Adopt-an-Animal decal which can be displayed on a car or windshield, links to the website animal fact sheet on his adopted animal, and his/her name placed on the Zoo's website as well as in the Adopt-an-Animal gazebo display case on Zoo grounds.

$50 Each donor will receive all of the above plus an exclusive digital download screensaver of his/her animal.

$100 All of the above plus a photograph of his/her adopted animal and one FREE admission pass to the Zoo.

$250 All of the above plus a gift certificate for a full-color Guidebook of the Gladys Porter Zoo.

$500 All of the above plus a hand painted tile of his/her animal which will be placed in the Adopt-an-Animal display case for one year, after which it will be sent as our gift to the donor.

$1,000 All of the above plus two tickets to the Saturday night festivities during our animal Zoofari event.

$5,000 All of the above plus a "Behind-the-Scenes" VIP tour of the Zoo for the donor and his/her immediate family as well as a photo of the event.

To join the Gladys Porter Zoo's family of caring parents, look for your favorite animal on our animal list, fill out the adoption application and send it, along with your tax deductible donation to:
Gladys Porter Zoo
500 Ringgold Street
Brownsville, Texas 78520